About Us

What you need to know…my name is Linda Rhead and I love my work!

I have been a professional genealogist now for many years, working as a researcher for Ancestry.Com’s Expert Connect service from its inception in 2009 until its closure in 2011; I successfully completed over fifty projects for them, besides doing my own private genealogy research work for clients both near and far.

I pride myself on being professional & thorough and firmly believe that accuracy is of paramount importance, as is discretion and honesty. Authentication too is equally important, therefore, where possible, I provide documented support evidence and sources.

I’ve worked for some wonderful people over the years tracing families from present day United Kingdom, Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand and even South Africa, the latter being the most challenging. About six generations are the minimum I’d expect to find but more often than not I can go much further back, as long as I can provide proper verification.

As part of a client assignment I always provide an online tree, and a full family history report, plus ,where required, a ged.com data file. I like to include photographs of places where ancestors have lived and worked when I can, plus any anecdotal stories about their lives or newspaper articles in which a person may be mentioned, and, factual information too of course. All of these things breathe life into a family tree.

I am always happy to hear from clients old and new, some of my previous clients have now become firm friends, even if only by email or social media, and I will always be available if they have questions, or, need extra help during and even after an assignment has been completed.

Who do you think they were?

There are many reasons to research your Ancestry, but primarily I think that most of us want to feel we have roots. Your reasons may be personal to you, or you may simply be curious, but whatever those reasons are, finding out about the lives and times of our ancestors can be a richly rewarding and enriching experience, a real voyage of discovery.

Have you ever wondered where your ancestors came from, how they came to be there, or is there a family story you want to investigate?

We can go on this journey together, we can make it happen.

My vision

My vision is to offer the best service possible to my clients and to always strive to exceed customer expectations, resulting in their ultimate satisfaction.

My mission is to provide the highest possible quality of work at an affordable price.

My commitment is to offer nothing but the very best and I am very grateful to all who have allowed me a glimpse into their family history.

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